Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Cheat

Some of you must be playing "8 Ball Pool Multiplayer" on miniclip.com. Although the game is very good and interesting, sometimes you get to play with players much much higher than your skills. So, it gets a little frustrating and especially when it is the tournament finals.
So, here is a trick for you.

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

  1. Open the game in your browser.
  2. Download MB-Ruler from here.
  3. Install it, in the process beware of Soft32 which may try to get installed some other programs.
  4. After installation, 2 icon will appear in the notification area.
  5. Right-click Triangle one and go to Layer Controls.
  6. A small box will appear.
  7. Restore your game.
  8. After the game has started and you or your opponent has broken i.e 1st shot, restore that small box and keep it in side.
  9. Now click on the line in the box.
  10. Put the circle on the ball you want to pot and drag the mouse to till which pot you want it to go.
  11. Now hit the ball using your cue in such a way that the direction of the ball after your ball has hit it overlaps with that of the line you have created.
  12. Your desired ball would have got into the pot. Now, delete the temporary line you have created by clicking the cross button below label 1 in the box.
  13. Continue, playing and winning.
  14. Enjoy.!
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Thank you..

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